Leakages from roofs, terrace, flower beds etc.

Terraces and Roofs :

Terrace gets damaged being exposed to atmospheric changes from time to time and subsequently shrinkage cracks and bulging of plaster gets developed allowing the water to seep through and from corners and drain outlets.
Indications: Dampness and water patch marks on ceiling.
RESIKON recommendation: Resikon Resikot.


Leakages through exterior walls & windows frames.

Exterior walls:

Over a period of time, exterior surface starts getting cracked and plaster starts getting spalled and water starts seeping in.
Indications: Wet patches on interior walls and subsequent damage of interior paint.
RESIKON recommendation: Resikon Resikot,Resikon RCS, Resikon flexiseal.
For Window frame joints: Resikon Flexiseal.


Seepage through water tanks

Toilet baths and sunken slabs :

Cracks on mother slabs along with leakages through pipes outlets and damage in plaster and internal wall, causes water to leak through.
Indications: Dampness, water droplets, water patches and black mould below and on exterior surface.
RESIKON recommendation: Resisil Flex with protection plaster.


Seepage through toilets, tile joints & pipe fittings

Cracks on mother slabs along with leakages and pipes, drains and tile joints which leads to leakages in below floors.
Indications: Dampness and water patches in below surface.
RESIKON recommendation: Resikon polyproof, Resikon -600, Resisil Flex.


High rising dampness in walls

Rising dampness:

Movement of moisture upward by capillary action and from adjoining bathroom areas.
Indications: Paint blistering, efflorescence and algae formation generally found till plinth level.
RESIKON recommendation:Injection grouting by Resikon-400 + Cement.